Once you have Trust, Positive Conflict, Commitment, and Accountability, you are poised for the fifth essential of any team – Results.

There are always results no matter what you do. There may be positive or negative results, but there are always results. The key is to set goals – end results – and align everything to focus on actively achieving those results for the good of the organization and all involved.

On a healthy team, everyone is focused on achieving the team results. The opposite is just caring about your own personal results and not caring about the overall organization goals and results. In other words, we want everyone on the team to achieve their results to achieve the desired results of the overall team.

Identifying an unhealthy team.

Here are examples of unhealthy teams concerning results:

  • When is the star receiver on a football team upset when the team wins?
    • When he feels he did not get enough passes thrown to him or enough catches for how great he is and he should be as the focal point of the team.
  • When is this same receiver on a football team happy when his team loses?
    • When he sets a record for receptions or yards, or he just met the number of catches to achieve his personal bonus.

These two situations show an unhealthy team when it comes to results. This individual on the team only cares about himself and his goals and will bring the rest of the team down.

Shift to a healthy team.

A healthy team does not worry about themselves. Instead, they focus on the overall goals and results of the entire team. Team-oriented results and the achievement of them for the collective has to be our focus to have a healthy, high functioning, and successful team.

So how do we create a healthy, high functioning team focused on the collective results?

First, we put into place the other essentials of a team – Trust, Positive Conflict, Commitment, and Accountability. If these 4 areas are functioning well, we will have the ability to have great Results! Therefore, make sure your team is healthy in every level of the essentials of a team, then help everyone to clearly see the overall results desired.

In order to achieve these results, besides being healthy in all of the other essentials of a team, you must set clear, attainable, stretch goals (push us forward, make us stretch, but do not break us) for the results to be achieved.

3 key elements to achieve healthy results.   

  • Make sure everyone knows their roles in achieving these results for the whole team.
  • Make sure everyone knows the specific results desired for themselves and for the team.
  • Make sure the results are aligned with mission, vision, and values, and everyone on the team is aligned.

If you can ensure these three things and are solid in the other 4 essentials for your team, watch the results you desire to be met and exceeded. You will have a team truly focused on the “WE” and not the “ME!” You will have a highly functioning team adhering to “The 5 Essentials of a Team.”

Bring the 5 essentials of a team to your organization.

Reflect. How do you and your team view each aspect of the 5 essentials? How would you rate the health of your team on the topic of results? Is your team in it for themselves, or for the team?

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