Proudly serving clients across a broad range of industries and endeavors

Partner2Learn guides, elevates, and transforms teams and individuals who seek to achieve better outcomes by unlocking the full potential of their greatest resource: their people. Supported by our expertise and StrengthsFirst focus, clients are propelled more easily and effectively toward their goals, empowered by teams that work together better and individuals who lead with their strengths.


Partner2Learn expertly guides schools – from K-12 to higher education – toward greater achievement. By establishing a culture of servant leadership among faculty and staff, we help shift the mindset of youth and future leaders to a StrengthsFirst focus. This invites positive experiences that create lifelong learners who are actively engaged and thriving. Our impact often results in increased enrollment, better retention, budget expansion, and greater community involvement. | See Testimonial from The Journey School.

Nonprofit & Faith-Based Organizations

Partner2Learn’s nonprofit clients include job training and placement agencies, churches and other religious organizations, and business networking associations. Whether working with individuals or entire congregations, we help each institution make better use of their precious resources – people, time, energy, and funding – to accomplish their mission. | See Testimonial from Ambassadors for Business.

Government Organizations & Municipalities

City administrators, police, and fire departments trust Partner2Learn to help them cultivate high-functioning teams with increased productivity and effectiveness. Our positive approach to teambuilding boosts trust among team members, while our framework for setting strategy allows organizations to thrive and meet their goals.

Senior Living & Healthcare Providers

Working with senior living communities, Partner2Learn helps clients better align their team members’ strengths to the roles they’re assigned, improving service and satisfaction for all involved: administrators, employees, seniors, and families. By shifting the focus from what is wrong to what is strong, and promoting a team mentality, we reduce turnover and bolster engagement throughout healthcare communities.

Manufacturing, Financial Services, Consultants / Agencies, & Other Industries

For clients in manufacturing and other industries, Partner2Learn makes an immediate impact and adds value by helping reduce absenteeism and turnover while increasing sales and profitability. Along with building strengths among individuals and teams, we assist with strategic planning and process improvements that create higher quality products and services, leading to better results all around.

Boards of Directors, Sports Teams & Clubs, Families, & Individuals

Partner2Learn is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their project outcomes, either professional or personal. We serve teams and individuals across a range of industries and endeavors, teaching them to identify and build upon their strengths, then set a vision and action plan, to improve performance, prosper, and thrive.