Meet Our StrengthsFirst Team

Experienced in Leadership Coaching and Business Level Strategy

At Partner2Learn, our passion for putting “StrengthsFirst” led us here with a vision to serve with purpose, making a difference in our employees’ and clients’ lives so they positively impact others. Similar to Gallup Strengths Center, we leverage the CliftonStrengths Assessment process to implement incredible change and improvement to your organization.

We partner with you to guide learning that elevates performance. We are excited to provide comprehensive education that brings clarity and transformation in individuals, teams, and organizations through business-level strategy and corporate coaching practices.

Dr. Scott Gostchock

Top Strengths: Relator  |  Achiever  |  Responsibility  |  Learner  |  Discipline  |  Communication  | Individualization  | Belief

In his 30+ years of educational and community service, Scott has served cross-cultural, inner city, and urban education settings as a teacher, administrator, and community activist. He has also served as a full-time professor of education and currently is an adjunct professor for a number of universities and colleges. These unique settings and wealth of experiences have provided a tremendous backdrop for Scott’s educational presentations on CliftonStrengths (formerly StrengthsFinder), transformative leadership work, executive coaching, global leadership and more.

Education: Bachelor's, Dr. Martin Luther College; Master's in Education, Brenau University; Ed. D. in Leadership, Nova Southeastern University

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Tiffany Weigand

Top Strengths: Focus  |  Responsibility  |  Analytical  |  Relator  |  Consistency  | Discipline  | Significance  | Deliberative

In her 20+ years of marketing, branding and consulting, Tiffany has served regional and global organizations in numerous industries, including manufacturing, education, municipalities, small business and nonprofit. Tiffany’s Gallup Certification and experience presenting to senior leaders and company owners with a focus on real life solutions has added tremendous value to her clients.

Education: Bachelor's in Marketing, UW-La Crosse; MBA, Marquette University

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Dan Weigand
COO / President of Technology Solutions

Top Strengths: Achiever  |  Ideation  | Futuristic  | Relator  |  Learner  |  Competition  |  Strategic  |  Analytical

In his 20+ years in the financial services industry, Dan has been identifying and creating efficiencies through process automation, while sharing his expertise with others. His analytical, strategic and ideation strengths provide a solid foundation for finding solutions that reduce waste and repetition to free up time for more effectiveness.

Education: Bachelor's in Finance, UW-Milwaukee; MBA, University of Wisconsin

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Mark Wrightsman

Top Strengths: Learner | Arranger | Responsibility | Achiever | Activator | Focus | Futuristic | Belief

In his 40+ year career, Mark has worked around the globe with GE and led a privately-held automation and material handling company helping it become a global leader as the CEO for almost 20 years.

His strong focus on leading organizations toward growth and excellence grew out of experience leading six business P&L’s, as well as a 1500-person functional organization for Unisys. Mark led organizations in Asia, Europe and the US while living in five different countries.

His transformational leadership experience building teams and drive for quality and process excellence yielded a strong profitable growth track record throughout his career, providing a valuable asset to companies, boards, and clients he serves.

Education: Bachelor's in Nuclear Engineering, University of Florida; MBA, University of Santa Clara

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Gary Jeffers
Business Development

Top Strengths: Positivity  |  Belief  |  Adaptability  |  Ideation  | Maximizer  |  Connectedness  |  Activator  |  Futuristic

In his 35+ years in the financial services industry, Gary has experience working closely with people, both as a participant and leader of teams, providing financial advice to individuals and couples. His unique experiences and passion for understanding people's strengths have allowed him to provide the best possible service, team results, and advice.

Education: Bachelor's in Liberal Arts, Northwestern College

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Paul Holzhueter

Top Strengths: Focus  |  Strategic  |  Maximizer  |  Achiever  |  Significance  |  Arranger  |  Competition  |  Activator

In his 40+ year career, Paul has led over 20 acquisition and joint venture transactions.  At Hubbard Milling, he guided the growth of a pet food division from one regional plant, to 12 facilities across the country.  While at Malt-O-Meal Cereal Company, his guidance on internal growth initiatives helped sales triple over fifteen years.  Since retirement, he continues to consult with companies on their acquisition strategy.  He has the experience of building a strong team of people focused on common goals.

Education: Bachelor's in Agri-Business, University of Wisconsin at Platteville

Jay Johnson

Top Strengths: Achiever  |  Activator  |  Context  |  Competition  |  Woo

In his 30+ year career, Jay has worked for some of the largest US corporations and built companies from the ground up. He co-founded an internet security company that was later sold to VeriSign (VRSN). Prior to that he held senior management sales and business development positions at GE Capital-TMS, Xangati, Unisys and Burroughs. Growing up in a family-owned gasoline service station business, he was exposed to strong customer-oriented value systems which has transcended in each step of a successful career.

Education: Associate in Electronic Technology, Dunwoody College of Technology

Chuqee Fletcher
Director of Cultural Competency

Top Strengths: Adaptability | Belief | Positivity | Harmony | Restorative

Chuqee’s leadership experience includes organizations such as Garden Homes Lutheran Church as a lay leader, Lighthouse Youth Center as a Site Director, and Shining Star Christian Schools as the Director of School Culture and Outreach. His passions include cultural diversity, community outreach, sports, and youth development.

Education: Bachelor's in Education, Martin Luther College; MA in Education (Leadership & Innovation emphasis), Wisconsin Lutheran College

Karen O'Rourke
Strategic Human Resource Management Consultant

Top Strengths: Responsibility | Harmony  | Empathy | Individualization | Consistency

In her 30+ years in human resources, Karen has led organizations through significant change via effective strategy development and deployment. She most recently served as Vice President, Human Resources for PaR Systems. She is passionate about seeing employees contribute at their highest capacity, resulting in improved company performance. 

Education: Bachelor’s in Business, Bethel University in St. Paul, MN

Dale Young
Strategic Teamwork and Leadership Coach

Top Strengths: Strategic | Responsibility | Connectedness | Relator | Ideation | Futuristic | Belief | Self-Assurance

During his 30+ years in Information Technology, with senior-level industry and consulting positions, Dale established himself as a leader and team builder. He then transferred successfully to full-time coaching. Dale expertly turns around underperforming teams by uncovering and fixing performance problems, and guides individuals to know and walk in their uniqueness.

Education: Bachelor’s in Computer Science, University of Texas, Austin, TX

Dr. Brian Olson

Top Strengths: Relator | Maximizer | Belief | Achiever | Competition | Responsibility | Activator | Futuristic

In his 30+ year career, Brian has led organizations in the education, manufacturing, ministry, and service industries.  He has used his organizational experience in growing several organizations and helping others get back to profitability. 

His passion for hiring and developing terrific talent, as well as instilling best practices, and a continuous improvement mindset has afforded Brian the ability to oversee multiple North American locations while functioning as an operations and finance executive.

Education:  BS, UW-Parkside; MBA-University of Chicago Booth School of Business; Ph.D. & Post Graduate certificate – Capella University