POISED® for Results: Amplify Your Strengths and Lead Your Team and Organization to Sustained, Elevated Results

POISED® for Results offers a comprehensive, effective, and efficient model for organizational leadership and individual and team growth and development. 

Navigating through each element of the POISED® process, with examples and stories from experience, and relatable historical stories and specific recommendations, POISED® for Results is designed to engage the reader and to provide an eminently usable structure for successful team engagement, strategy development and execution, and continuous growth.

Dr. Scott’s expertise in leading, training, and guiding teams provides a seasoned educator’s perspective, and combines with Mark’s global business and organizational leadership experience to reach readers of all backgrounds and experiences. Newer leaders seeking a direction and seasoned leaders eager to finetune their skills of engaging teams with a proven and efficient process and model, will appreciate and be able to take away tools and processes and stimulate thinking for immediate application. 

The results of the POISED® model as explained in POISED® for Results will accrue in multiple dimensions: individual growth as a leader, a significant increase in team-member engagement by driving “optimal stress” for success and, ultimately, results that come from maximizing organization effectiveness in an efficient manner with focused leadership. 

About the Authors

Mark Wrightsman

Mark Wrightsman experienced his first leadership roles with supervisory responsibility in high school and college. After graduating with a nuclear engineering degree in 1980, he spent 20 years with large companies, mostly General Electric (GE), and served in numerous business leader roles in Europe, Asia, and globally. The next nearly 20 years, Mark was CEO of PaR Systems which became a global leader in automation and specialty material handling. Blessed with success in profitably growing many organizations, with a focus on his leadership teams and organizations, Mark joined Dr. Scott Gostchock to develop a model to articulate their organizational leadership approach that has evolved to the POISED® process. Since retiring from the CEO role at PaR, Mark is active in ministries and investing in technical products businesses and starting businesses such as Partner2Learn, a leading organizational leadership business. Mark resides in Venice, Florida.

Scott Gostchock, Ed.D.

Dr. Scott Gostchock, president of the talent development division in Partner2Learn, has served through cross-cultural, urban education as a teacher and administrator for more than 20 years. He also teaches online and on campus for a number of different colleges and universities, training teachers and leaders for urban education, executive leadership, and other areas of service. His specialties are executive leadership training and coaching, POISED® strategic planning, CliftonStrengths, teambuilding, classroom management, communications, and other areas of training and development. Scott resides in Fridley, Minnesota.

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