Leading With Our Strengths Using the CliftonStrengths Assessment

Guiding You Through the Strategic Planning Process

The purpose of all Partner2Learn services is to guide positive transformations elevating performance within individuals, teams, and organizations. We partner with each individual or organization to strengthen leadership development and build a StrengthsFirst mindset and culture.

Our leadership development begins with the results of CliftonStrengths (formerly StrengthsFinder) assessment to guide our StrengthsFirst mindset.

StrengthsFirst Professional Coaching and Support

Our leadership development begins with the results of CliftonStrengths Assessment (formerly StrengthsFinder) to guide our StrengthsFirst mindset.

StrengthsFirst 101

In-depth 1:1 conversation to help individuals understand, appreciate, and better utilize their own strengths.

StrengthsFirst 102
Team Learning

Group session to help teams understand and appreciate everyone’s strengths and identify Partner-Up Opportunities.

StrengthsFirst 104

Quarterly meetings to help build and maintain a StrengthsFirst culture by utilizing advanced tools, case studies, and more to expand the StrengthsFirst base and understandings.

Once you understand your strengths and how to Partner-up with others, expand on your StrengthsFirst foundation and integrate the “Five Essentials of a Team” to increase engagement with our Team Building Course.

Team Building 103

Group session expanding on the StrengthsFirst foundation and integrating the 5 essentials of a team to increase engagement and overall productivity.

Partner2Learn also provides individualized leadership and executive-level coaching to help you with personal leadership situations and provides training for accelerating and enhancing your leadership.

Executive Coaching 201

Personalized executive level coaching to enhance and maximize individual potential and leadership for the betterment of all.

Strategic planning can feel overwhelming. It is often completed and then stored on the shelf, ignored and under-valued.  The Partner2Learn strategic planning process provides a succinct, easy to understand document for the team to reference in every team meeting, making it a useful, dynamic resource.

Strategic Planning 301

Leadership is guided through a strategic planning process that provides a concise plan that easily connects quarterly goals with a 10-year vision. 

Strategic Execution 304

Follow up meetings to help transform the strategic plan into a culture where daily execution is closely aligned with the strategy. Partner2Learn serves as a guide and accountability partner.

We also can provide additional customized courses and resources to guide, elevate, and transform leadership, depending on the organizational needs. A few examples include:

  • Communicating as a leader
  • Becoming a transformational leader
  • Leading in a multi-cultural and diverse environment
  • Incorporating StrengthsFirst in the new employee on-boarding process