We often hear people say they fear taking assessments at work because it will pigeon-hole them into a certain role, stifle their career, or even end it. While it is true some people and organizations severely misuse assessments, we encourage you to think differently.

It’s about the HOW, not the WHAT.

CliftonStrengths was designed to help an individual identify their strengths and be able to say every day, “This is what I was born to do.” Say this phrase to yourself right now.  Do it. How energized are you when you can say this statement and also live it?

Finding Your Strengths and Taking Action

Strengths do not define what we will do. Strengths are neutral and can be used in any career. Specific strengths do not make you a better CEO, manager, HR professional, teacher, or student (or fill in the blank!). Strengths simply define how you will approach your career, how you will respond in your role, and what brings you energy and engagement leading to your greatest productivity and overall personal and professional success.

Will your reaction to an action be focused on people or tasks first? Will you want to understand the historical context or will you immediately envision the possibilities 10 years into the future? Are you going to dig deep into data to understand, or communicate with the team to ensure everyone is on point?

True, some strengths are seen more often in certain roles, but it does not mean they have to be present to be successful in that role.

The most important question we can ask now is, “are you able to use your strengths in your role?” If the answer is “no,” let’s talk about how to shift that so you can answer “yes.” When you can say “yes” you will feel the shift. You will be more excited to come to work, you will have extra energy to be even more productive, and you will have more confidence in the strengths you offer everyone with which you interact.

3 Tips to Maximize Your Assessments

Our encouragement to you:

  1. If you find that you or your organization might be misusing assessments, consider shifting to a more positive and holistic approach for optimal results.
  2. Don’t be afraid to learn, understand, and grow your strengths. Even if your organization is misusing the assessment, you can still accept, appreciate and aim your strengths towards success. It only takes one person to start the paradigm shift.
  3. Appreciate the strengths you don’t have by partnering-up with others. You can’t have all 34 strengths in your top 5 or 8. The math simply does not work. Do not dwell on your weaknesses, which will drain your energy and passion. Find partner-up opportunities to maximize results for everyone.

Have questions or thoughts? Curious how to take action on our encouragements? Need support and accountability? We are happy to connect with you and put ideas into action to increase engagement, energy, and efficiency at a personal and professional level.