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Aligning Sales and Strategic Planning

Are you struggling to connect your strategic plan to your sales strategy? Have the sales activities changed drastically since the beginning of the year since many places do not even allow visitors?  Set your course to recovery and accountability as we partner with Sandler Training for 5 Steps to Link Your Sales Strategy With Your Strategic Plan. Walk away with a free tool to implement now.

Good Board Governance: A POISED Strategic Planning Tool

Do you work with or serve on a board or governance entity? If so, the Good Board Governance (GBG) resource from the POISED Strategic Planning model will be benefit your team. Learn how to implement it to improve your board, how they work together, and how to work with everyone on the team and in the organization. You will learn 6 key elements for a healthy board centered around MV2 (Mission + Vision + Values). Plus, receive this resource to take and use with your boards for immediate results.

Fuel Meeting Agenda: A POISED Strategic Planning Tool

Run meetings your team WANTS to attend. Stop wasting time with useless, pointless meetings that lead to no action. The Fuel Meeting Agenda is a part of the POISED strategic plan and we want you to understand and implement it now to increase success through actionable steps and true accountability.

Building a StrengthsFirst Mindset (Virtual Lunch and Learn)

Get ready to build a StrengthsFirst culture and see results including: increased engagement, higher retention, higher productivity, and higher customer service metrics. It doesn't happen over night, but once you understand strengths, you will learn how energized and empowered your team becomes when they are encouraged to operate from their strengths.

Sneak Peek: Unlock Your Superpowers
Whether you are seeking a new career or simply want personal development, understanding your strengths can help you craft language around what makes you awesome. From communicating the value you bring to describing what you need to be successful, learning your strengths will shift your thinking and help you land your dream job….and improve your relationships personally and professionally.
Unlock Your Superpowers
While this material is geared specifically for individuals in a career transition, this practical guide can help anyone unleash their power to be more effective in every team, whether it be at work, volunteering, or at home. We can’t wait to meet you and share how awesome you and your superpower strengths are!