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Do you work with a board or governance entity for your company or nonprofit organization? If you do, the Good Board Governance (GBG) resource from the POISED Strategic Planning model will benefit you. In this informative, quick-hitting webinar, you will be introduced to this resource and instructed on how to apply it to improve your board, how they work together, and how to work with everyone on the team and in the organization. You will learn 6 key elements for a healthy board centered around MV2 (Mission + Vision + Values). You will also receive this resource to take and use with your boards for immediate results.

Through the implementation of this resource and practicing the aspects provided in the GBG, you will see a board that is growing in knowledge, ability, and skills to carry out their mission, vision, and values. Overall, you will see positive outcomes for the organization, the people within it, and the people you serve.

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