You may be asking yourself: “Myers-Briggs (MB) or CliftonStrengths, which one is best for me and my team(s)?”

In part 3 of this blog series, we will look at how Myers-Briggs (MB) compares to CliftonStrengths. Both assessments offer a lot, but which assessment is better? Well, we will explore these assessments and offer some thoughts on which assessment to use to grow as a leader.

CliftonStrengths vs. Myers-Briggs

CliftonStrengths’ main emphasis is to help you see your unique strengths (measured on 34 distinct strengths) and how to best use these strengths in all you do to increase your individual engagement and how you and the team best work together for the highest efficiency and effectiveness. Learn about 7 key reasons to consider the CliftonStrengths assessment.

Myers-Briggs primarily is used to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. The test provides 16 different types of personalities in which a person will fit. These results are then used to better understand reactions and decisions for self and others.

Myers-Briggs helps an individual to see how they best interact with others in work and social settings to be at their optimal comfort and productivity level. When forced outside of these predominant personality traits, the individual must expend exorbitant amounts of energy to achieve minimal results. If functioning in such an environment for extended periods of time, the individual will see very negative manifestations in missional, emotional, and even physical health.

Core Benefits of Myers-Briggs Assessment

Myers-Briggs helps the individual to understand themselves better and how to maximize their personality to achieve optimal results. Myers-Briggs also helps each individual to see others through their personality traits in a more positive light. Overall, Myers-Briggs helps each person:

  • Maximize their own potential through their personality traits
  • More fully utilize others and their personality traits to compliment each other and build a stronger team
  • Realize others are needed to have a more holistic team which can increase successful outcomes through the utilization of everyone’s traits to accomplish the overall goals of the team or organization.

How to Work with Myers-Briggs within CliftonStrengths

CliftonStrengths in conjunction with Myers-Briggs allows a deeper look into how personality is influenced and many times determined by strengths. This deeper dive into CliftonStrengths and a strengths-based approach will help each individual to understand themselves better and the functional need for others.

Partner2Learn can work well with you and your Myers-Briggs results in light of Clifton Strengths to additionally do the following:

  • Increased employee/individual
    • Engagement
    • Retention rate
    • Overall satisfaction
    • Organization success/results
  • Enhanced understanding and implementation of partner-up opportunities
  • Strengths for Others (SFO) – how to use individual strengths to help others use their strengths to help others…leading to greater teamwork, understanding, synergy, and results for all

Take Action with Your Assessment

Myers-Briggs is a good personality assessment to help you understand yourself and others better, and how each personality will impact you personally and the team as a whole. CliftonStrengths will provide you greater depth, a true team focus, and the information to go for your dreams. CliftonStrengths will help you to become the leader you always knew you could be and help you craft the shared language around positive results.

  1. If you have taken Myers-Briggs and not CliftonStrengths, we encourage you to take CliftonStrengths, get your full 34 reports, and contact us to help you unpack this report and help you to better understand your MB results in light of your strengths.
  2. If you have taken CliftonStrengths, but have not gone through our unique approach to this assessment – our 8 categories, unique strength combinations, and much more – contact us to line-up a personalized session to help you understand and apply these results for optimal utilization for yourself and those with which you might work – including your family.
  3. If you are just uncertain about both of these assessments or assessments overall, contact us to help answer your questions and dig deeper into what might be best for you to grow as an individual for self-improvement and to help others in order to achieve the best possible results.

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