You may have asked yourself questions like these as you look to grow as a leader, both personally and professionally:

“Insights or CliftonStrengths, which one is for me?”

“Why should I use Insights?”

“Why should I use CliftonStrengths?”

“Is one better than the other?”

In part 2 of this blog series, we will look at how Insights compares to CliftonStrengths. Both assessments offer a lot, but which assessment is better? Well, we will explore these assessments and offer some thoughts on which assessment to use to grow as a leader.

CliftonStrengths vs. Insights

CliftonStrengths’ main emphasis is to help you see your unique strengths (measured on 34 distinct strengths) and how to best use these strengths in all you do to increase your individual engagement and how you and the team best work together for the highest efficiency and effectiveness. Learn about 7 key reasons to consider the CliftonStrengths assessment.

Insights primarily connects head and heart knowledge—information plus inspiration. It reveals behaviors or phenomena in the individual and points to solutions or ideas for each person in differing situations based upon these findings.

Insights provides predominantly personal approaches in working best for self with others. It gives specific personal applications for an individual to use in better understanding yourself, how one best functions, and how others will best function with you based upon 4 color coded categories and some sub-categorical information, combinations, and nuances.

Overall, Insights focusses on personality, how you best work, how others best work with you, and how you approach others. It is an assessment trying to help you fine tune your focus and drive you to specific personal growth outcomes.

Core Benefits of Insights Assessment

Insights will help you to better see your own personality and how people would be working with you. Insights helps the user:

  • Gain a quick perspective on what color energy you lead with and how you prefer others to communicate with you based on your results.
  • Learn how to best communicate to others based on which Insight color energy they lead with.
  • Easily understand the 4 Insights color energies at a high level.

How to Work with Insights within CliftonStrengths

If you already use Insights, you have a high level understanding of a person’s energy; however, it does not get into all the nuances and uniqueness of each individual. CliftonStrengths adds depth to the general, high-level understanding of how people like to communicate.

Partner2Learn can work with Insights through the lens of CliftonStrengths. CliftonStrengths explains how each individual best operates. It helps individuals understand how to not only work better for themselves and how others best work with them, but how to best use every aspect to improve the overall team, its functioning, and how best to achieve results for the good of others and the organization as a whole.

Partner2Learn will also use your Insights results to increase your career opportunities through the lens of your CliftonStrengths results. This depth of information provided through both assessments will help you to energize and ignite your unlimited future career and life steps.

Take Action with Your Assessment

Insights is a good assessment to help you understand your personality and how others should work with you and you with them. CliftonStrengths will provide you greater depth, a true team focus, and the information to go for your dreams. CliftonStrengths will help you to become the leader you always knew you could be and help you craft the shared language around positive results.

  1. If you have taken Insights and not CliftonStrengths, we encourage you to take CliftonStrengths, get your full 34 report, and contact us to help you unpack this report and help you to better understand your Insights results in light of your strengths.
  2. If you have taken CliftonStrengths, but have not gone through our unique approach to this assessment – our 8 categories, unique strength combinations, and much more –contact us to line-up a personalized session to help you understand and apply these results for optimal utilization for yourself and those with which you might work – including your family.
  3. If you are just uncertain about both of these assessments or assessments overall, contact us to help answer your questions and dig deeper into what might be best for you to grow as an individual for self-improvement and to help others in order to achieve the best possible results.

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