There are many different leadership and personality assessments available, how do you know which one is best for you? There are assessments that group us by colors, letters, categories, titles, and even those which classify us as certain animals or even by our favorite Hershey candy bar defining our strengths. Each one of these assessments has good things to offer in their own way, but one really stands out as the best when it comes to leadership development – CliftonStrengths.

In this blog series, we will look at how other assessments compare to CliftonStrengths. The first comparison will look at CliftonStrengths and DISC.

CliftonStrengths vs. DiSC

CliftonStrengths’ main emphasis is to help you see your unique strengths (measured on 34 distinct strengths) and how to best use these strengths in all you do to increase your individual engagement and how you and the team best work together for the highest efficiency and effectiveness. Learn about 7 key reasons to consider the CliftonStrengths assessment.

The DiSC’s main emphasis is to assess personality and behavior traits to help you understand your 4 distinct categories, where you fit, and how to best work with self and others based on your rankings.

The DiSC measures your predominant personality and behavioral styles used to try to improve work productivity through various aspects of individual and team operation.

Core Benefits of DiSC Assessment

The DiSC profile helps you:

  • Easily understand the 4 categories at a high level
  • Understand your personality and behavior styles more clearly
  • Get a glimpse of how to best operate and how not to operate
  • Gives a lot of resources to search through to help you learn how to grow and best work with others in light of your DISC results

How to Work with DiSC within CliftonStrengths

With DiSC you have a high probability of someone having the same dominant result as you (1/8). You have a high likelihood of meeting someone who has the same overall results as you. Different experts suggest different results, anywhere from 1/256 to 1/11,880 chance of meeting someone with your exact results.

With CliftonStrengths the chance of someone having the same top 5 strengths as you is 1/275,000. Having those 5 strengths in the same order is 1/33,000,000. CliftonStrengths:

  • Provides you with greater depth to help you understand the nuances and uniqueness in each individual. Strengths often help explain WHY you have the DiSC results you do.
  • Adds positive psychology, helping you to appreciate who you are and encouraging you to strengthen your strengths, or find ways to do what you do well more often, rather than focus on your deficiencies.
  • Encourages you to take weakness out of your vocabulary and replace it with “partner-up opportunities” for optimal results.

Take Action with Your Assessment

DiSC is a good assessment and resource to understand your personality and behaviors better, but if you really want to enhance your leadership to the highest possibility CliftonStrengths will focus you on accentuating your strengths and who you need to partner up with for optimal results and personal energy management. Therefore, here are some key action items for you:

  • If you have taken DiSC and not CliftonStrengths, we encourage you to take CliftonStrengths, get your full 34 report, and contact us to help you unpack this report and help you to better understand your DiSC results in light of your strengths.
  • If you have taken CliftonStrengths, but have not gone through our unique approach to this assessment – our 8 categories, unique strength combinations, and much more –contact us to line-up an individual, personalized session to help you understand and apply these results for optimal utilization for yourself and those with which you might work – including your family.
  • If you are just uncertain about both of these assessments or assessments overall, contact us to help answer your questions and dig deeper into what might be best for you to grow as an individual for self-improvement and to help others in order to achieve the best possible results.

Developing a StrengthsFirst culture is the catalyst you need to achieve more than you thought possible. Contact us today to learn more.