There are many different leadership and personality assessments available, but which is best for you? Assessments group us by colors, letters, categories, or titles; some even classify us as certain animals or define us by our favorite Hershey candy bar! While each has something to offer, one really stands out for leadership development – CliftonStrengths.

In this blog series, we compare CliftonStrengths with other assessments, starting with DiSC.

CliftonStrengths vs. DiSC

CliftonStrengths’ main emphasis is to help you see your unique strengths (measured on 34 distinct strengths). CliftonStrengths teaches you to apply these strengths in all you do, to increase your individual engagement AND your ability to work with a team for the highest efficiency and effectiveness. (Learn about seven key reasons to consider the CliftonStrengths assessment.)

The DiSC’s main emphasis is to assess behavioral traits to help you understand how you fit into DiSC’s four categories, and how to best work individually and with others based on your rankings. DiSC measures your predominant personality style to improve work productivity through individual and team operations.

Core Benefits of the DiSC Assessment

The DiSC profile helps you:

  • Easily understand the four categories at a high level.
  • Understand your personality and behavior styles more clearly.
  • Get a glimpse of how to best operate to optimize your efforts and obtain results.

The assessment also offers resources to help you grow and work better with others.

How to Work with DiSC within CliftonStrengths

With DiSC you have a high probability (1 in 8) of sharing the same results with someone else. With additional analysis, the differentiation can rise to somewhere between 1 in 256 to 1 in nearly 12,000. However, the basic premise of ranking people in only four categories remains essential.

With CliftonStrengths, the chance of someone sharing your top five strengths is 1 in 275,000 – far less than the DiSC probabilities – and that means you see your uniqueness right away. The chance of having those five strengths in the same order is 1 in 33 million.


  • Provides you with greater depth to help you understand the nuances and uniqueness of each individual. Strengths often help explain WHY you have the DiSC results you do.
  • Adds positive psychology. Instead of focusing on deficiencies, CliftonStrengths helps you appreciate who you are, reinforce your strengths, and do more of what you do well.
  • Encourages you to take weakness out of your vocabulary and replace it with “partner-up opportunities” for optimal results.

Take Action with Your Assessment

DiSC is a good resource to understand your personality and behaviors better. However, CliftonStrengths will raise your leadership to its highest potential by keeping you focused on accentuating strengths. Therefore, here are some key action items for you:

  • You’ve taken DiSC but not CliftonStrengths? We encourage you to take CliftonStrengths and get your full 34 report. Then contact us to help unpack this analysis and also understand your DiSC results in light of your strengths.
  • If you’ve taken CliftonStrengths but haven’t gone through our unique approach to this assessment (our eight categories, customized strength combinations, and more), contact us for a personalized session. We’ll help you understand and apply these results for optimal utilization for yourself and those you work with – including your family.
  • Uncertain about assessments overall? Contact us for help!  We can answer your questions and dig deeper into what might best help you grow as an individual or team to achieve the best possible results.

Developing a StrengthsFirst culture is the catalyst you need to achieve more than you thought possible. Contact us today to learn more.