Are you looking for a way to inspire and elevate teams, executives, or your event attendees? Do you want to foster positive behaviors, boost morale, or reduce burnout? Look no further! Our empowering speakers, strategists, and coaches can offer unique perspectives and insights that energize and engage your audience towards growth and productivity.

Our team has years of experience helping leaders and organizations develop better communication between highly functioning teams and confidently engaged employees.

At a time when virtual meetings and online events have become the norm, we can add an extra level of excitement to your gathering. We share real-world experiences and offer practical advice that your team can apply to their work and personal lives as well as thought provoking content that fuels positive, cohesive growth.

Our presentations are tailored to suit your needs—whether you are looking for keynote speakers, breakout session presenters, streaming video for online conferences, or other methods to meet your goals. We’re here for you.

Don’t stress over how to fill those hours and offer something meaningful. Let us do the work so you can focus on the results.

Speaker Topics

We offer a wide range of topics from leadership, teambuilding, growth strategy, organizational development, and more. Speaking length can be customized and topics include:

  • How to develop a strategic plan in 12-hours
  • POISED® - 6 Steps to sustained, elevated results
  • How to run effective, engaging meetings that people WANT to attend

  • Unlocking your superpowers with a StrengthsFirst mindset
  • Creating a StrengthsFirst culture with a focus on energy management
  • Replace "weakness" with "partner-up opportunities"

  • The 5 essentials every team needs for results
  • Conflict – it's necessary for healthy teams
  • Accountability – the highest form of praise

Satisfy your PD days with engaging learning that lasts from topics listed above, as well as topics below, specifically designed for educators.

  • Breaking stereotypes: rethinking urban education
  • Empowering educators: enhancing student engagement through teacher efficacy
  • Teaching in the digital era
  • Parent-Teacher collaboration for student success

Speaker Spotlight

When you’re seeking speakers, it helps to get a flavor for who they are and how they connect with your audience. Here are just a few examples of some of the content the team at Partner2Learn presents.


Engagement and results matter. Partner2Learn serves a variety of industries throughout the US, as well as some international partners. Here are just some of the reactions we’ve received.

Still curious if we are a good fit for your niche? We have served organizations across many industries. Here is a sample of organizations we’ve served.

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If you are looking for a way to inspire and elevate teams, executives, or your event attendees, invite Partner2Learn to speak at your next event.