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Emily Y.
Owner/Healthcare Practitioner, healthcare

Partner Up For Success

Tiffany's thorough explanation of my strengths helped to solidify why I enjoy my profession. She also helped me to understand which strengths to seek out in future team members to make my business flourish!

Elise M.
School Business Specialist, financial services

Process Consulting Improves Efficiencies

Dan’s understanding of technology and general coding know-how made pre-existing processes faster and more efficient, eliminating manual keystrokes, data entry, and assisting with data reconciliation. These efficiencies resulted in a higher quality product with less chance of error, smaller file size, and created time savings that allowed our team to explore revenue generating projects.

Tim B.
Head of Schools, nonprofit education

Immediate Implementation

Partner2Learn’s process and resources can be used immediately. We implemented tools the day after we worked with them. I am excited to incorporate the Fuel meeting process at all our campuses.

Sharyce G.
Director of Resident Services, senior living community

Life Changing

After discovering that belief was my #1 strength, I now know that I spent most of my life battling my biggest strength. This was truly life changing. It is amazing the mental and emotional relief that I have experienced now that I embrace my strengths.

Carlos L.
President, nonprofit education

Increased Team Efficiency

Partner2Learn gave us the best opportunity to apply real world best practices in a ministry setting. We are a ministry first, but we run like a business. Partner2Learn is unique in that it understands both perspectives. We are all excited about what this process could do for our ministry...namely, more bandwidth, more efficiency, more effective meetings, etc.

Kelley W.
HR Director, municipality

Strengths & Teambuilding Success

Partner2Learn is exactly what the business name means, you gain partners in learning more about yourself, your team and how best to work together using each other’s strengths.  It’s a positive approach to teambuilding and understanding co-workers while learning about your own strengths and how best to utilize them in the future for success.

Bill M.
CEO, nonprofit

Leadership Development

Partner2Learn invested in my leadership as we prepared for a key Board of Directors planning retreat. They dug in to discover where we wanted to go, prepared us to work together, and then stood along the sideline and encouraged us as we got there. We entered that week low on trust and high on questions. We finished the retreat with energy and confidence in our future. Thank you!