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Strategic planning can feel overwhelming. Some organizations avoid it altogether. For others, it is a process that is completed over months or even years, and then a lengthy binder collects dust on the shelf because it is too long, complex, and quickly out-of-date. With our experienced business coaching services, we guide organizations from planning to implementation. 

Untraditional Strategic Planning

Partner2Learn throws the traditional approach out the window. The POISED® strategic planning process is unlike any other strategic planning process you have experienced. Our team guides your organization in completing the on-site, planning process in approximately 12 hours. Some pre-work is required. Then, we encourage quarterly reviews to keep the plan dynamic and current. Note: this process can be done remotely through video conferencing technology when needed.

The result is a concise, easy to follow document that is up to 6 pages long for the team to reference in every team meeting.  Do not let the simplicity fool you. The strategic plan provides your long-range plan, along with your 3-year and 1-year objectives to help you reach your goals. Additionally, quarterly goals are reviewed and updated every 90 days and referenced at every meeting.

Are You Ready For Strategic Alignment?

Whether you are a large or small organization, your strategic plan will be the dynamic document that provides alignment among your mission, vision and values to catapult you to exceed your goals.

While we continue to work with a diverse client base, including universities, charter schools, private schools, senior living communities, churches, nonprofits, municipalities, professional services, and development organizations, we find the industry does not matter.

We have worked with organizations with as few as 2 employees up to 1,000.

Whether you have a strategic plan or not, we are ready to guide you through a simple, yet effective, process so you can stop struggling to unify the team toward a common vision.

Benefits of POISED® Strategic Planning

Rather than becoming an investment into another binder on the shelf, your strategic plan becomes a useful, dynamic resource that helps guide every decision and keeps everyone on course. We ensure a Strengths-first element of the strategy and provide tools to maximize your implementation effectiveness.

Individuals, teams, and organizations gain immediate clarity with a simple strategic plan. The plan becomes a living document to help teams set the course now for immediate results, as well as being truly prepared to maintain, strive, and thrive in the future. With quarterly goal review, organizations are able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances for greater success.

Access POISED® Resources

Do you want a sneak peek into some of the resources that the POISED® Strategic Plan provides? Visit our on-demand events page to access topics, including:

  1. Running better meetings with the Fuel Meeting Agenda
  2. Aligning sales and strategic planning
  3. Good board governance

What Our Clients Are Saying:

“What Partner2Learn did in 12 hours, previous consultants could not complete in a 12 month process. This was simple, easy, and straightforward.” – Scott, municipality

“We had two big takeaways that we can implement immediately. Partner2Learn helped us realize we could be more efficient and streamlined in how we deal with our multiple locations. They helped us create site leads and clearly identified goals for each team member. Additionally, we are excited to implement the Fuel meeting agenda at all our locations so we operate more efficient meetings. We look forward to continuing the process with Partner2Learn.”  – Tim, education

“We continue to implement more resources. The entire process has kept us focused, and ensures we align our strengths to our roles.” – Tom, senior living

“This has completely revolutionized our way of thinking and operating. We now have clear communication and increased transparency.” – Dan, education

Are you ready to transform your team and start the POISED® strategic planning process? Or, have questions about it? Let’s talk.

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