Many organizations do not have a strategic plan. The top reasons for not having a plan established include:

  1. Lack of time to develop and implement
  2. Lack of or concern for financial commitment
  3. Fear or feeling of wasting time to develop something that will not yield a return on the investment

Why Organizations Hesitate to Create a Strategic Plan

And, why do they have these concerns? They see many organizations that do have a plan do not see significant results. In fact, we often hear the strategic plan is:

  1. A painful process that produced poor results
  2. Really long and confusing
  3. Outdated because it took so long to develop, the data is not relevant and the situations are invalid
  4. Not clear on what we should be doing and how we should be adapting to really carry out the plan

Poised Strategic Planning for Success

Unfortunately, many who have a strategic plan find it almost useless and irrelevant. No wonder others do not see the value in it.

What if there was a way to eliminate all those pain points and ensure a successful development AND implementation of your plan?

Whether you have a strategic plan or not, Partner2Learn can help you define your mission and vision and point you in the right direction for true success.

You CAN have a dynamic plan in a 12-hour session that is easily refreshed every quarter to lead you to action and results.

You DO NOT have to spend MONTHS of your team’s lives developing a plan that will not produce a significant return on your investment.

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