CliftonStrengths Assessment for Better Team Building

The StrengthsFirst Approach to Developing a Successful Team

None of us is as smart as all of us. (Blanchard & Carew, 1984)

TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More.

In order to have a highly functioning and engaged team, we need to first know ourselves and the need for others before we can effectively put this all into the framework of a TEAM. CliftonStrengths assessment and our StrengthsFirst development program helps develop this foundation.

Meet the Five Essentials of a Team

Then, the 5 essentials of a team will help everyone to see how each person – a unique, talented, and gifted individual can work together collectively to guide, elevate, and transform each person, the whole team, and the organization.

Through the 5 essentials of a team, everyone will walk away with specific tools and actionable items to lead the team to becoming a high performing and transformational group.

Team Building Activities

The reality every organization faces is, “how do we do better?” The answer is simple, and we have the answer:

  • Know your strengths
  • Understand the need for others’ strengths, your partner-up opportunities
  • Realize the need for a structure for how to implement this information with actionable steps and realizations to be a TEAM
  • Operate with the 5 essentials of a team

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