Why even try to build strong teams? Why try to do team building? Well here are a couple of reasons why teams are so important:  

  • In a world of increasing change, a group’s ability to carry out its work is greatly impacted by its ability to develop and deploy two elements:
    • Exceptional leadership
    • High-performing teams
  • Teams are the means of achieving goals too big and complex to reach through individual efforts
  • Team outputs must be synergistic. The interaction or cooperation of two or more “things” to produce a combined effect great than the sum of their separate effects

The Key Ingredient for a High Performing Team

In understanding these facts, we can see teams are very important along with professional coaching to help the teams grow and become high performing teams. But…  

Where do we start? 

What is one of the most essential items of a high performing team? 

Do we just do a bunch of team building exercises, and we will be great? 

Again, where do we start? 

Great questions…these questions are asked by most teams and then answered by well-meaning but ill-experienced team building leaders. Therefore, the need for professional coaching to truly answer these questions and build teams in the best possible way for the good of all and the overall productivity of the organization and engagement of all team members/employees. 

Where it all starts is a simple concept, but hard to put into practice. It is the foundation of any and all healthy, high performing teams. It is TRUST, even more specifically Vulnerability-based TRUST.  

What does TRUST really mean?

Well, a simple and straightforward definition for TRUST is: confidence among team members that their peers’ intentions are good, so you can be vulnerable with one another. 

Is this how you feel on your team? Are you completely confident in all team members that their number one interest is in serving others, supporting others, and being vulnerable to help you feel the same way? My guess, based on research, is your answer is no…no way…no way in the world!  

We are here to help…true Vulnerability-Based TRUST is possible. We can help, but first let’s take a simple look at what really builds Vulnerability-Based TRUST and what destroys it.

Building Vulnerability-Based Trust looks like:

  • Each team member consistently follows through on their commitments
  • Each team member speaks constructive, edifying words
  • Each team member acts for the greater good

When these actions occur, trust will deepen and your team will consistently achieve better results. 

Destroying Vulnerability-Based Trust looks like:

  • Team members do not follow through on commitments. They habitually say they will do something, but do not do it. 
  • Team members use hurtful words with one another
  • Team members act selfishly. When team members see someone repeatedly promoting their own self-interest as opposed to advancing the greater good of the team, there can be no trust, no vulnerability. 

Reality Check. Where Is Your Team?

Wow. I know we all have been or are on a team not doing so well in the area of TRUST – Vulnerability-Based TRUST. Therefore, let us become a part of your team and help you all to set the stage and build true Vulnerability-Based TRUST.  

Partner2Learn helps with team building in many ways…CliftonStrengths assessment sets a foundation of understanding and team building…starting with a foundation of Vulerability-Based TRUST, which is the foundation of our Team Building course, addressing the 5 Essentials of a Team. Once you have a solid foundation of trust, you can move on to Positive Conflict, and so much more to build a high-performance team. 

Find Your Professional Coaching Partner

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