As the 2020 school year starts, filled with unique challenges, we want to congratulate this year’s winners of the Partner2Learn Leadership scholarship.

Partner2Learn is committed to supporting servant leadership both in the workplace and in the educational community. We are honored to sponsor scholarships that support students emphasizing Servant Leadership at WLC, located in Wauwatosa, WI. Congratulations to the 2020 winners as they focus on their physical, intellectual, and spiritual resiliency, which is increasingly important in today’s challenging world.

Why educational scholarships?

We believe in supporting the youth and future leaders and wanting them to have a solid foundation. In addition to helping faculty and staff build a StrengthsFirst mindset to increase engagement and retention, this is another way we give back. Our goal is to continue to address the engagement cliff in education, which begins as early as 5th grade.

Defining engagement.

Before we explain the engagement, cliff, you need to understand what engagement means. In a previous blog post we explain the difference between actively disengaged, not engaged, and engaged. The same definitions can apply to school. Students that are engaged love coming to school, learning, and taking on extra projects for fun. Students that are not engaged are coming to school and doing what it takes to pass and not much more. Actively disengaged students are skipping classes and when they do show up, they are getting all the attention and taking away positive learning experiences from the class because the teacher to focusing on behavioral issues instead of the learning objective for the day.

What is the engagement cliff?

The engagement cliff describes students’ interest or engagement in their learning and how it steadily declines from 5th grade on. Not surprising, once students reach high school, the engagement level hovers in the low 30’s, which mirrors the engagement levels in the workforce.

StrengthsFirst mindset & servant leadership.

By building a StrengthsFirst mindset focused on strengths for others (SFO), we see a positive impact on the individual and every life they touch.

Partner2Learn is honored to work with individuals, educational systems, and organizations to help them thrive by shifting their mindset to a Servant Leadership approach with a StrengthsFirst foundation.

Learn more about how one charter school is seeing immediate benefits by developing a StrengthsFirst culture.

Are you curious how this can impact your team and your bottom line? Contact us to learn more.