Fuel Meeting Agenda: A POISED Strategic Planning Tool

Do many of your meetings feel like this satirical video?

(Does this make you laugh, cry, or get angry?)

If you don’t have time for the 3 minute video, it can be summed up with my favorite line near the end:

“You’ll send out a recap email that could have basically taken the place of this whole meeting.”

Stop wasting time. Run more efficient meetings.

Have you ever attended or even led a “bad meeting?” I am guessing you have, and you probably walked away saying what a waste of time, useless, and pointless. Whether you are running the meeting or just participating in a meeting, any meeting, the Fuel Meeting Agenda is the solution for you.

The Fuel Meeting Agenda, a part of the POISED™ strategy plan, is a straightforward process which keeps you consistent and focused on what is important, leading to actionable steps and true accountability. This meeting style will help eliminate the negative feedback and increase productivity. Once you use this meeting style, you will never go back to any other ways of running a meeting.

Convert your meetings to create a high performing team.

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