In these uncertain and extraordinary times, it is now more important than ever to strengthen and equip your teams to meet the current challenges and to come out ahead as the world overcomes and battles through our current circumstances. Therefore, we encourage you all strongly now more than ever to utilize Partner2Learn and our resources to make sure you and your team are best situated for the present times and all to come.

Everything we provide has what we call the “Now Effect.” All our trainings are immediately useful and provide knowledge and skills which you can use right now providing instant benefits and results for every person, the whole team, and the entire company.

Also, everything we teach is presented in the most positive way to lift-up every person, team, business, and more. In these times of uncertainty, let us help you help everyone on your team and in your company to see their amazing value and how to strengthen and increase their value for the whole team and the community in which you serve. We help you provide encouragement and strength for everyone that will not only help the company but each person to better navigate these times and be prepared for success for all when the dust settles. You and your company will come out stronger in order to hit the ground running as a cohesive team fully engaged and ready to leap forward to greater success for all.

Here is what we recommend, all of which can be done remotely:

  1. StrengthsFinder for you and your team through the Partner2Learn way:
    • 90-minute one-on-one sessions with every employee to help them understand how gifted they are, how they can best use their strengths, and how they can best serve the team now and into the future
    • This session will also help each person in a very unique and personal way to navigate these extraordinary times for themselves, family, and the community at large
    • 4-hour StrengthsFirst Team Learning
      • We take the whole team through everyone’s strengths and help everyone to see how we all can best work together for better engagement and success for all propelling us into a bright and better future
    • Benefit:
      • Right now, real time stronger individuals and team more fully engaged to meet the current challenges, working together better, and ready to run forward for the success of all
  2. 5 Essentials of a Team:
    • 4-hour team training
      • We take the whole team through an amazing team structure for how to take strengths and the entire team to a higher level by sharing amazing information and resource for how to build strong –
        • Vulnerability based Trust
        • Positive Conflict
        • Construct Commitment
        • Build in Accountability
        • Focus on Team Results
      • We provide tremendous resources we have created and found to carry out every aspect of this training and to help you immediately apply every facet for the benefit of strengthening your team and preparing for a confident future
    • Benefit:
      • Stronger, united team with resources and structure to make a difference now for increased productivity now and for years to come
  3. POISED Strategic Planning – our own model of living and breathing strategic planning:
    • Through our own model of strategic planning, we provide a 12-hour session with your team to build a strategic plan to take you out 10-years working backwards to what you need to be doing in the next 90-days to accomplish it all. In this process you will solidify, mission, vision, values, marketing ideas, and specific plans to accomplish all you need to do to be successful for years to come
    • Benefit:
      • Simple strategic plan which is a living document helping you to set the course now, immediately, in these extraordinary times and into the future to make sure you, your team, and your company are truly prepared to maintain, strive, and thrive into the future

You cannot afford not to invest in your team and the plans for the future. Now is the time. As others are cutting back, we encourage you to think with a mind-frame of abundance so you, your team, and your company come out ahead ready to excel into an amazing and profitable future.

Congealing a core team to meet these extraordinary times is vital. You have the opportunity with Partner2Learn to make an immediate and amazingly positive impact on all your people, your company, and the community as whole. Now is the time. Take control in these uncertain times and prepare your team for an amazing and bright future – now more than ever!