Virtual Consultations and Strategic Planning

At Partner2Learn, we believe in guiding individuals and teams from where they are to elevating their performance to where they want to be. Often, clients prefer to work in person to build a connection. However, schedules do not always allow for in-person meetings. Sometimes, there is an urgent need that requires immediate action.

All of our personal development, coaching, and consulting can be completed remotely through technology.

Services include:

  1. One-on-one CliftonStrengths foundation and on-going coaching using proprietary strengths domains.
  2. CliftonStrengths team learning sessions providing an in-depth introduction into how a StrengthsFirst culture can significantly increase team engagement and results.
  3. Team Building introducing the 5 Essentials of a Team to help build a foundation of trust that leads to team results.
  4. Development and updating of POISED™ Strategic Plan to ensure everyone within the organization has a dynamic, easy-to-follow plan.
  5. Individual coaching for anyone seeking personal development for their current role.
  6. Individual and group coaching for individuals seeking a better employment opportunity. Not only do they understand their strengths better, but they learn to communicate their strengths in their resume and during interviews to explain their value to the new organization.

Benefits include:

  1. Gaining an immediate understanding of the strengths you bring to any team, personally and professionally.
  2. Save time and expense on travel costs.
  3. Flexibility to schedule learning and coaching into smaller chunks.
  4. During mandatory quarantine, use the time to invest in yourself.
  5. Easily creating and updating a strategic plan to ensure the team understand the (potentially new) direction of the organization to ensure their focus is on priorities.