“There must be a better way!”

“I spend hours on this same task every day.”

“I have 10 reports that I have to download and format the same way every Monday morning.”

“Does anyone know that this macro is doing?  The spreadsheet doesn’t work and the person who created it is no longer with the company.”

If you hear these questions from your team or yourself on a recurring basis, there is likely a better way to complete these tasks through automation and process improvements.  Often these are tasks that only take a couple of minutes or hours to complete each day, but it takes one member of your team out of the queue to complete other more important tasks. 

Why work with us?

We provide full transparency before we start a project, so you understand your investment and the expected results. We bill for the actual time we work for our clients, so if the project is more efficient, your bill will reflect that. Sometimes projects take longer than initially expected if there are changes from the original scope or unforeseen issues.  We will communicate any changes as they arise, not after.

Our process.

  1. Initial discovery meeting. We dig deep to understand the ‘why’ behind the request.  Sometimes there may be a better way to address the underlying issue or challenge by looking further upstream than the original project starting point.  It helps us understand what you are looking to solve as your end result.  Most importantly, it allows us both to make sure we are a good fit.
  2. Project assessment. We look at the specific tasks or spreadsheet(s) and we complete a feasibility deep dive to identify a time line and proposal. 
  3. Project development / Automation creation. We will work closely with your subject matter experts (SME) to understand your data, the process, and what the finished product will look like prior to starting the project.  Once we have a scope document approved, we begin development with updates and interaction with your SME throughout the process.  We confirm we are aligned throughout the process, especially as changes arise, to ensure the final product exceeds your expectations. 
  4. Project delivery. Once the project is complete, we will conduct a training session to explain all the details. Resource documents will be provided as a reference for the individuals using the tool. 
  5. Testing period.  We include 14 days of support following delivery of the product to address any bugs that may be identified once the tool is tested in your live environment.

Contact us to learn more or to schedule your initial discovery meeting.