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Webinar Wednesday – Q&A – Ask The Experts

July 15, 2020 @ 10:00 am 10:45 am CDT

Whether we’re working with a client or someone considering investing in the leadership of themselves or their teams, we hear some great questions. There are some questions we hear more often and that is where this session originated.

If you have that question, others likely do too.

Are you someone who is afraid to ask a question for fear of “looking dumb?” I’ve been there all too often. I appreciate the individuals who encourage questions because the answer will likely help others too.

You get to control the discussion.

Connect with us prior to the Q&A session to add your questions to the agenda, or join us and ask us during the session. You get to go as deep on a subject as you wish to ensure you have your questions answered.

We also know that sometimes people are a bit shy, especially in the beginning, or they simply want to hear what is on others’ minds, so we will start with 3 common questions that we hear a lot.

  • How can we use strengths in virtual meetings, and on a regular basis.
    • With 2020 being the year of remote connections, we heard this often and want to share tips with you.
  • Is conflict really necessary? How can we ensure positive conflict is effective?
    • In a world full of conflict, let’s address the definition of positive conflict with you and how it can truly transform relationships.
  • How can we apply strategic planning in times that require so much readjusting to new changes?
    • We will share how investing in upfront planning can lead to a nimble, dynamic strategic plan that easily adapts to change. Seriously.

Optional – Get camera ready on Zoom.

This session will be different than our normal sessions. We encourage interaction and follow up questions among our attendees, so plan to join us for a video session and connect with the group. If video isn’t your thing, you don’t have to have the video on. You can interact verbally or via chat to ensure your questions are addressed and you get the most out of this session.

To ensure privacy of our attendees and their situations, we will NOT be recording this session. Can’t attend, but want answers to these and other questions? Contact us today to get answers.