At Partner2Learn, LLC, we believe in viewing leadership and process development through a different perspective. We take weakness out of our vocabulary and focus on strengths and partner-up opportunities. We partner with our clients using a StrengthsFirst focus that guides transformational growth in individuals, teams, and organizations. Envision an understanding and appreciation for personal strengths, and respect and acceptance of others’ strengths. The result is higher employee engagement and retention rates for individuals and high functioning teams that produce increased productivity and effectiveness.

Guided by Strengths

Do you know your strengths? Do you understand how to cultivate them? StrengthsFirst is the first step to transform.

Team Building

Learn how to use StrengthsFirst and the Five Essentials of a Team to align teams with respect, acceptance, and engagement to yield improved results.

Strategic Planning

Create a concise plan that is referenced at every meeting, ensuring actions continually align with your goals.

Research shows that companies with a fully engaged staff experience:


Less Turnover


Higher Profitability


Higher Sales


Less Absenteeism

Schedule Your Consultation

Contact us to learn more about our professional coaching, strategic planning and consulting guided by the CliftonStrengths assessment (formerly StrengthsFinder). We are here to help organizations that are ready to grow together, and we invite you to get in touch for more information. We look forward to learning about your team's needs and joining you on your journey of growth.

Very enlightening and empowering process. Everyone needs this!
We learned we have different strengths and that by appreciating and utilizing those differences with Partner-Up Opportunities the program can work more effectively. Scott helped us apply what we learned, and we are growing and adapting. We recommend these services.
CliftonStrengths and the 5 Essentials of a Team are a valuable part of building a team that can work together to more effectively accomplish its mission.
Dan’s understanding of technology and general coding know-how made pre-existing processes faster and more efficient, eliminating manual keystrokes, data entry, and assisting with data reconciliation. These efficiencies resulted in a higher quality product with less chance of error, smaller file size, and created time savings that allowed our team to explore revenue generating projects.
Tiffany's thorough explanation of strengths helped to solidify why I enjoy my profession. She also helped me to understand which strengths to seek out in future team members to make my business flourish!
Scott is a skilled presenter who takes complex processes and makes it manageable. He provides a practical roadmap for execution of a fluid, ongoing process.

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